Instant Flash : Paroles

01 – Instant Flash

  Concept : Creation of the planet and such, cycling
 VERSE 1 :
 As wave, a strong light rips apart (Nuclear...)
 Weight of everything changes
 The dust clumps together under (Gravity...)  
 The heat is being felt deep within
 Soon, rocks from outer space... fly
 Soon, the core begin to melt... down....
 From an instant flash
 Matters reveal gravity
 It went from a dark pitch black
 To beautiful galaxies
 We think of things are they are
 Like they always ought to be
 Made out of dust from the stars
 Of course we were gonna see
 From an instant flash
 All things are going to be
 Sometimes nowhere to be found
 Sometimes beautiful to see
 We only know that so far
 The universe infinite
 Despite this amazing fact
 Somehow is still expanding
 VERSE 2 :
 The heat providing energy (Chemistry...)
 Bonds between chains of proteins
 The first cell life that is thriving (Dividing...)
 Plays a game of takes and gives
 Soon, a two legs standing man... looks
 Soon, his consciousness evolve... to
 As he watch the moon....
 BRIDGE : NASA Mercury program archives 

02 – Solar

 Concept : The creation of the solar system and the earth
 Galaxies are intertwined
 Clouds of dust spreading apart 
 Asteroids hits the ground
 Planets core being melted down
 Fusion of the lightest gas
 Stars across the darkest sky
 Particles ejected far
 So far that we see them now
 VERSE 01 : 
 We are standing
 On a rocky field
 It's immobile
 That's what we feel
 Steered by gravity
 Our straight line
 Is being looped back
 on itself for life
 Until a catastrophic event that have kicked us hard
 Making a moon to keep a light even when the sun is down
 Giants gravity well
 Are catching most comets
 And steer away the biggest
 Dangers that could kill us away
 VERSE 02 : 
 So many places
 Where the odds were there
 To find knowledge
 To be awake
 May we find many
 Life forms out
 There to help us find
 The purpose of life
 Is being humans an end in itself and that’s all for life ?
 Or is there something that can be done to continue to thrive ?

03 – Wonders

 Concept : The life of a nightingale, nature is magnificent, mankind does not yet exist.
 VERSE 1 :
 The sound of wind through the foliage, 
 makes him want to fly
 Viewing his kind not far
 He will stay for now
 The tree is home so far....
 We do what we need to keep being well into the wild
 VERSE 2 :
 The urge to eat the next meal
 Is very much real
 Seeing the prey he seek
 He jumps right on it
 He feels at home right here....
 We do what we need to keep being well into the wild
 A nightingale  
 Flying over the mountain
 The wind carried him away
 Looking for treats to prevail
 He doesn’t care of the day
 Which everyone will face
 Singing a true happiness
 This planet full of richness
 As he progresses
 Going as far as he can 
 He doesn’t find any mess
 Everything is at its place
 This world cannot be damaged
 There would be too much to break
 The sun is already there
 To my eyes 
 The sky is light
 Going far
 Of my path
 I’ve made my mind
 I will try
 I will fly
 Out of sight
 Feeling like he is a part
 Of a bigger play
 Why can he fly
 If it’s not gaze
 Discovering places
 To make a new day...
 Playing games, he wants to go as high as he can reach
 From above the highest tree,
 Flying, I get a chill
 From the height I feel the heat
 Coming from the fields
 From above the highest tree,
 Going under the new leaf’s
 From above the highest tree,
 Everything is small to me
 Fireflies guide his flight
 Dancing before he’s pass
 Deep into the forest
 Trees are getting dense
 At the border of the sky
 Rising to get some light
 He sees the sun go down
 Getting ready for the night….
 When the cold covers his plumage with a veil, he feels tired and sleeps 

04 – Age of the Light

 Today the World is alive 
 This is the Age of the Light
 VERSE 1 :
 Mankind is free and pure
 Man is able to love the   
 Nature which spread his Heart
 The Four Elements are dancing now [Hey!!]
 No blood and no more war
 We don’t want to have these things  
 Purity is our proud
 We live as one to build the life!!
 Today the World is alive  
 This is the Age of the Light
 Bright, beautiful Earth 
 For us to live in peace
 Come on, all of the World
 We have to march for a new Life
 Great, wonderful,
 Age of the Light!
 VERSE 2 :
 For You we’ll offer our prays
 Because You are the Master 
 Of the Earth and Love
 You feed our souls and our Hearts! [Hey]
 Like You we want to give
 The love and the justice 
 For everyone!
 That’s the key of the Life!

05 – Let me Be

 Concept : A soul is trapped between life and death (like coma)
 Let me free of this cage
 Let me be a person
 Let me see all the world
 Let me hear the symphony
 Let me use my words
 To create a beautiful story
 An happy ending
 Oh-oh please
 Let me free of my head
 Let me be another
 Let me see the lightings
 Let me hear the poetry 
 Let me use my words 
 To create a beautiful story 
 An happy ending
 VERSE 1 :
 Entering the place under the dim light
 A dark form sat
 On the pavement she puts a mark
 Telling me to get out 
 Pushing the walls made of my body, I envy
 Those ones who can breathe without even thinking
 Whoever is responsible, he won't listen to me
 Pushing the walls made of my body, I envy
 Those ones who can breathe without even thinking
 I wish to get out from the prison made of me
 When the day come for me to stand awake
 With my eyes open and aware of the pain
 Above these phrases :
 I want this life, I’ll be mad to die
 VERSE 2 :
 For so long i've been asleep without the light 
 of days to pass
 Alone in my head there's no way out
 I cannot even die

06 – The Messenger

  Concept : A man tells the story of his childhood. His sun has been absorbed by an evil power, announced by an (alien) messenger with whom he has made a greedy and selfish pact. He tells.
 The time as passed
 The dawn of man
 Has died away
 Here goes the tail
 Of the events
 Unfolding far
 Far away
 I was a child
 When it all went, crazy like hell
 I’m still scared, of the past
 Deep down I know that…
 My future's not bright
 I know how I lied
 How I could I
 Be someone
 With pride
 VERSE 1 :
 On this green land
 Meadows galore
 Glaring light on water
 Fills me with so much joy
 Life was very pleasant, we-did everything for
 That was long before...
 When a messenger
 Claiming to know the answer
 Tells you to listen and do
 As you are so being told
 Consider every word
 As the poison of the world
 Spreading its roots into you
 To push your kingdom to fall
 When the messenger
 Has completed his mission
 Didn't wait for us to do
 What we’re supposed to unfold
 The beginning of the work
 Assumed that everyone
 Agreed to leave out the proof
 That we exist as an all  
 VERSE 2 :
 The messenger came 
 Asking to be heard
 The danger as presented 
 Were to be coming from...
 The ascending star, getting closer to the sun
 Sucking it’s power....
 I’m... afraid to leave... The golden feel.... of death on the innocent
 (FR : J'ai peur de laisser la sensation dorée de la mort sur l'innocent)

07 – Tipping Point

 Concept : The arrival of a catastrophe provoked by an intelligence, which freezes time while waiting for the end of the universe.
 You want to taint the life
 I don't approve you
 You want to keep it down
 I'm not ready to
 You want the pain to last
 I heal behind you
 You want people to die
 I won't let you do
 VERSE 01 : 
 This morning was like any
 I woke up after the ding
 Eating some bread and some milk
 My day was beginning
 I ran down the street to be
 Arriving to work early
 The dark fate wasn’t a thing
 For all of humanity
 VERSE 02 :
 I noticed the absence of wind 
 Trying to hear the city
 Water was no more moving
 Beings began to appear
 One of them came close to me
 I froze as he was talking
 He wanted to tell me
 That the plan was moving
 This is the end (x4)
 This is the end of every pain
 We came to make and we came to take
 The universe is tired of you
 You never tried to reach us to prove that you are worthy of be born again
 Matter can make mistakes
 We are here to correct
 We are here to erase
 You’re not gonna be there after the reset

08 – Reach the stars

Concept : Un homme vise les étoiles pour espérer revoir sa bien aimé et parviens aux confins du temps. Il observe la fin de l’univers et le début du suivant.
 I reach for the stars
 So I can meet you
 I’ve not been that far
 I can’t be without you
 I’m the one in line
 Coming for you
 My goal is afar
 I’ve so much to come through
 VERSE 1 : 
 Let me present myself to you
 The sorrow in which i am too
 I am a creature for you
 Find her again I'm desperate to ...
 I have created the ultimate
 Way to travel the space itself
 To find her back I passed the gate
 But on the way I was betrayed
 I live among the stars
 Now I am true
 I move between times
 More than I wanted to
 Beginning of times
 I’ve seen that too
 How will I survive ?
 If this universe is doomed